Behind our two new shades



In 1994 I met Norma Patton Lowin at her IATSE (film union) makeup department interview many moons ago. She was so lovely but what really impressed me was the fact that not only was she the makeup/hair artist on Out of Africa, she had done the makeup/hair on I Claudius - a legendary BBC series of a novel following the story of the Caesars and so it involved various periods of makeup and hair,  painted agings, poisonings, makeup effects and the very first prosthetic ageing on television. The opportunity came up that August to assist Norma for the NA section on NeverEnding Story 3 and a life long friendship was established.  

It is now 26 years later, I am godmother to an amazing young man Spencer, her son. We lost Norma's first husband Richard to cancer a number of years ago and now she is married to Nick, who Norma met on Out of Africa - life has come full circle!

Norma's career is stellar, she is one of the best makeup artists, in my estimation, in the world. She is a member of the Academy and has worked as personal MUA to Halle Berry for the last 15 years, as well as Heading Depts for blockbusters such as Twilight: New Moon and many more: visit her IMBD page.

Even more amazing than her talent is her amazing heart. Norma is always there to help out with words, thoughts and actions. She has taught me many things over the years and introduced me to many spiritual concepts and whenever I needed help to solve a makeup dilemma she was right there! I love her to pieces, she has been instrumental in my journey in clean makeup since day one, literally lending me the book Not Just a Pretty Face which ultimately changed my life.  I am so happy to be able to honour her and so grateful for her help in developing the color. 

Golden tan skinton model wearing shade Norma in Essential Foundation, swatch on left


Margot Bingham is an amazingly talented actor and singer.  She was a lead on the pilot for The Family in 2016 and I was the head MUA. We hit it off right away. Margot was struggling with cystic acne at the time, is a vegan and very concerned with what she was putting on and in her body.  We used our original foundation formula and mixing Pam and Sarah we got the right tone.

Margot and I kept in touch and when I launched SAPPHO New Paradigm at the Indie Beauty Expo in 2017, we started talking about creating a Margot tone - and yes it took us 3.5 years. In fact,  we were ready in the spring but COVID happened and we couldn't get our packaging. We are truly indie beauty (self funded by sales) and we do the best we can!

Margot has been a muse, a friend and a huge supporter of SAPPHO and we have met a number of times face-to-face in NYC and Vancouver. Margot and her mom Lynne flew to Vancouver for a photoshoot in 2019 to shoot for the European launch of SAPPHO. At last, we are able to offer this beautiful rich tone that is named for a woman whom I have immense respect and love for. 

Dark skin model actress Margot Bingham wearing Margot foundation shade for Essential natural foundation with swatch on left