Naomi Buechman - Customer

"Hello there, I received my samples today- and I'm honestly shocked. I used to use the essentials foundation in Leisha, and loved it but found it too sheer for my red and blemished skin... well today I tried a mix of 3 and 4- and it honestly went on like a dream and totally covered all my problem areas! I've tried soooooo many natural foundations and always found that the texture was too thick or hard to apply- or too sheer,  but you nailed this formula... coming from an longtime makeup lover who has literally tried every foundation (natural and not) under the sun! So I cannot wait to buy the full size after the holidays, and also the concealer and primer. I've never been so excited because now I can rely on a full coverage foundation that's natural!!!! This is simply amazing. So thank you for creating this amazing product and I can foresee it doing well!!!  

Warm regards, Naomi Buechman"


Bryce Dallas Howard - Actor/Director/ Producer/Mom 

"As an actress, my skin care regime is crucial. But as a Mom it is literally the first thing to go out the window! I therefore really value a product with pure, organic, healthy ingredients that produces results that can rival any product on the market. Sappho literally kills two birds with one stone.  It is beautiful make-up that nourishes and protects my skin.  What more could I ask for? Bryce xoxo”


Lisa Love - Emmy Award Winning MUA

“Sappho Cosmetics is by far the one product that I can rely on to have 100% natural and pure ingredients. More and more actors are requesting mineral based makeup and I can trust Sappho to be one of the finest on the market today.

I love the way the foundations illuminate the skin, without a heavy feel or look.   I can recommend Sappho with ease.”


Norma Hill Patton - BAFTRA Award Winning MUA

"I am a Vancouver based Makeup Artist, but I also work internationally. I work mainly in movies, but also for TV & Print.

I have been using Sappho for years now & I LOVE it! It looks fantastic in all of those mediums as well as for everyday use. Also, and more importantly, it is wonderful to find a beauty product that is so toxic chemical-free & SAFE. Also, in my profession, I often have to make up children, which was always a concern to me until now.

This (liquid) foundation is the first I've wanted to use on a daily basis. It doesn't irritate my sensitive skin and allows my freckles to still peek through, while masking flaws! I feel like my skin benefits from Sappho foundation instead of contaminating it like other cover-ups I've tried. I love it" 


Bora Bak - Makeup Artist

"If you have yet to try Sappho you're definitely missing out. The foundations are absolutely amazing- they smell great, blend easily and are totally build able ~ not to mention, good for your skin! I used to have cystic acne and using organic makeup, in the beginning, was a bit of a difficult transition for me because I was always used to just trying to cover it up. It was a vicious cycle. Skin is everything to women, if you're having a bad skin day, or a terrible one, you don't want to leave the house, period. After a few months of using Sappho and changing some things in my diet as well, I am happy to say now that I have clear skin and I can never go back to using anything else!"


Gitte Axen - Feature Film Makeup Artist

 "Sappho is guilt free pleasure...the only make up worth kissing! scrumptious color choices matched by ethical choices."


Kristen Arnett - Green Beauty Makeup Artist  

"Sappho Cosmetics has become a staple in my makeup kit, from foundation to color, because I get the high performance I need as a professional on set. The models and private clients I use Sappho Cosmetics on rave how it doesn't feel like they are wearing makeup and can't believe that natural products can make them look as good as the traditional ones, without the day-after irritation factor."


Natasha Mandeville - Makeup Artist

"I have never been so impressed by an organic line before! The coverage and pigment is flawless! It is not like any other cosmetic line out there! Highly recommended."


Prianka Dhir - Socialettes Media Inc. 

"Sappho made me fall back in love with makeup. Sappho cosmetics shows a true respect for women, their skin and their bodies with its paraben-free, organic and high-performance make-up line. Sappho's colours are as strong as their values and that is truly what makes me keep coming back to Sappho products again and again! Their star product is definitely the foundation. It gives phenomenal coverage and a little goes a long way! Other favourites include their pressed eyeshadow powders and brushes."  


Haleigh McLean & Eva Coudouloux - Makeup Artists, Hudson & Rex

"We ABSOLUTELY LOVE your foundation. We have been playing with Sappho throughout this season [4] and it just seems to wear so well on our actors, time and time again in our trailers we are reaching for your products. We just wanted to say thank you for your amazing quality products, it makes our job easier here on the show."