Simple minimalistic makeup photo with 5 organic products to represent an easy base makeup for quick routines, placed on a beautifully messy creamy white satiny fabric
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Model in fall 2021 trendy style with a makeup artist's hand and brush on her face, and a hairstylists arms and hand behind her adjusting her hair, for SAPPHO makeup brand photoshoot using products created by pro artists


Created by artists, with love.

Our mission: conscious beauty that captures yours, naturally.

Light pink natural eyeshadow look on Asian eyes with best grey brow pomade and vegan mascara
Must-have products for simple minimalistic makeup routine from organic makeup brand SAPPHO styled with shadows

Reducing plastic waste

Refillable makeup

Making a difference together, one makeup compact at a time.

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Clean, conscious, vegan

Made in Canada.

We manufacture our products sustainably, in a zero carbon footprint facility, with the goal to continue reducing our environmental impact as we grow.

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Sappho poet bust on textured sparkly silver background
SAPPHO clean beauty brand signature lyrical lines in textured silver
"someone will remember us, I say, even in another time"
- Sappho, poet, c. 600 B.C.