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No Apologies Lip & Cheek Hue - Another good product for us and our earth
"Disclaimer: This blog post reflects my interpretation, as the founder of a beauty brand without a scientific background, on the topic of organic fluorine and PFAS concerning our cosmetic business, up to the present date." In the realm of beauty,...
Navigating Glow for Oily Complexions: Expert Solutions
Achieving that coveted glow often feels like a balancing act, especially for those with oily skin.  While radiant skin is a goal and easy for those with dry skin to attain  (add a little luminizer/serum/moisturizer ) - it is harder...
More musing from the Makeup Trailer: SAPPHO Muse Pam Grier: A Powerful Force for Good
    Early days: In the early chapters of her life, Pam Grier emerged, born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, on May 26, 1949, as an iconic figure in the realms of film and entertainment. Her story spans decades, marking her...
Dimethicone and the environment Part 2
  Disclaimer: This blog post is my understanding, as a beauty brand founder who is not a scientist,  writing on the subject of organic fluorine and PFAS as it relates to our cosmetic business, to this day. Dimethicone Environmental Impact:   When dimethicone...
We Won! 2023 Beauty Innovation Award : Best Mascara - Embracing Refillable Tubes
  In the pursuit of truly sustainable beauty, innovative solutions are reshaping our cosmetic choices. One such ground breaking concept and Winner of the Beauty Innovation Award 2023 is SAPPHO's refillable mascara tube - marrying eco-consciousness with glamour.  Here we are going...
Are we going to talk about Dimethicone Again? ...... Yup! Pt 1
DIMETHICONE AND OUR ENVIRONMENT  Dimethicone, is  a commonly used silicone-based polymer found in cosmetic products and has been a go-to ingredient for enhancing skin softness and flexibility. While considered safe for the skin, and non-comedogenic, contrary to what early information...
Cosmetics in Ancient Days (The Story of Makeup Part 2)
 PLANT BASED COSMETICS IN ANCIENT DAYS The use of oils and butters in ancient times spans the globe. In west Africa, shea butter was prized whereas henna from East Africa was plentiful. In many ancient cultures makeup was used to...
The Story of Makeup - Part 1
Discover the fascinating story of makeup with SAPPHO! Noemie and I are passionate about this topic and excited to share with you monthly instalments that highlight the most popular trends of different cultures throughout history. Starting with ancient civilizations and progressing to...
Sustainable Beauty: How Pact Collective is Revolutionizing the Way We Recycle Makeup Packaging
As consumers, we're increasingly aware of the impact our daily choices have on the environment. While many of us strive to use clean beauty products and recycle our beauty packaging, it's not always easy to do so. That's where Pact comes...
Star of the Show = The BOMB
Meeting with the BCIT students working on our PFAS testing protocols, it became clear that this needed a photoshoot, to help tell the evolving story of our search for understanding forever chemicals. It was a perfect fusion of Hollywood magic and real-life science labs.
BCIT and SAPPHO: A Collaboration of Science and Clean Beauty
In the quest for consumer safety and transparency, SAPPHO is collaborating with the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) to learn more about PFAS chemicals and introduce Organic fluorine cosmetics testing in Canada.
PFAS... What are they and WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL!

What are PFAS? Created towards the end of World War 2, PFAS, a group of human-made chemicals used in various industrial and consumer products, were invented for their water and stain-resistant properties. In makeup, they are used to make products last longer, for waterproofing makeup, offering slip and helping to extend fragrance. Why is that bad?

How Long Will My Makeup Products Last? Expiry Times & Dates Explained
Want to know how often you should replace your makeup? From 3 months to 3 years, find out all the guidelines for makeup products and learn when to buy new ones.
Why a Refillable Mascara and How Does Refillable Makeup Work?
Have you heard of refillable mascara? This sustainability friendly product revolutionizes the way mascara is consumed and disposed. In this blog post, we go over how often you should replace your mascara and discuss the benefits of using refillable mascara, how it works, and tips on recycling mascara when you’re done with it. Learn how to make your makeup routine more sustainable with SAPPHO!
We Have a Unicorn

We are excited to announce the launch of our new refillable mascara system! Tested inside and out for PFAS.

The SAPPHO mascara is made from naturally derived and sustainable ingredients, and is made to be gentle, long-wearing and smudge free. Now with this elegant refillable packaging, you can reduce your environmental impact.

Memories From the Makeup Trailer: Meeting Actress Margot Bingham Led to Creating Her Shade
Read about creating a foundation shade for The Walking Dead actress Margot Bingham, whose skin ranges from oily skin to combination, depending on climate, and acne prone. We are incredibly fortunate to not only showcase this gorgeous tone but also the amazingly beautiful and talented actor/singer for whom it was created. Margot's skin ranges from oily skin to combination, depending on weather and environmental conditions.
Musings About PFAS Testing, September 2022 Entry
Disclaimer: This blog post is my understanding, as a beauty brand founder who is not a scientist, of the subject of organic fluorine and PFAS as it relates to our cosmetic business, to this day. We've got good news. More sustainable packaging...
How to Create the Classic French Look Makeup... à la Vegan!
For summer makeup looks that never go out of style, our Vancouver-based vegan and cruelty free makeup brand picked a timeless classic: the French look. What is French look makeup and how to create it? When makeup artists refer to a French...
Organic Fluorine & PFAS
This blog post is my understanding, as a beauty brand founder who is not a scientist, of the subject of organic fluorine and PFAS as it relates to our cosmetic business, to this day. In June 2021, when I read new articles from the CBC and regarding PFAS, my heart sank. This is what I've learned so far.
No Time Like Summer to Make Good Use of a Loose Powder
In the summer months, our skin can produce extra sebum and a little more sweat. This has most likely affected how your makeup looked and stayed on throughout a warm day more than once. That’s where an effective, talc free...
Zinc Oxide, CC Creams and Skin
With many turning to natural makeup looks for quick beauty routines, CC Creams have become increasingly popular. You might wonder what’s CC cream and just how CC cream works. As a professional makeup artist, I can say with certainty that CC cream is not like foundation, and it works a little differently. Ours uses zinc oxide for its skin benefits. Here's why.