Empower Independence, Transparency and Sustainability
Empower Independence, Transparency and Sustainability

Empower Independence, Transparency and Sustainability

Women entrepreneurs receive 1.7% of all funding and when they do, it is often at the expense of their intentions and those behind the products they have created. 

When I think back, I was incredibly naive to think that the misogyny of Hollywood would be worse than in the world of business! But there is is -  1.7% says it all. 

It's truly a rigged rat race and tired of playing by the same old rules, it's time to soar above, dig beneath, and burst through the walls of patriarchy by funding a future worth working for.

To quote from a Warrior Gay. Black, Poet Laureate, Intersectional feminist Audre Lorde. "The masters tools will never dismantle the masters house" 

Transparency was what I was fighting for when I walked away from an investor that had different ideas than I about what transparency meant .  It took over 2 years to get my URL's back  and that included a 2 year court case, a five day trial and him starting  with 4 lawyers against  me - I won. However, because I did not have the funds to lawyer up  - after losing sales for 2 years I had to sell my home.  I took what was left and started New Paradigm. 

In 2008 when I created my first line my thought was that clean beauty was imagined to save lives ..  I am not about to stop now.

🌎 A New ToolBox 🌎

I have no idea if this idea is even a ‘thing’ but I know we are doing our best and we can't OutPR the 'clean at blah blah blah"  but if you don't believe you can change something - you never will. 

PFAS are like phthalates on steroids! They are dangerous not only because they can make their way into our blood stream but also because unfinished product, (or even the containers themselves) can leach toxins into our earth, our water, our plants and our wildlife – for up to 10 years!  If you get the opportunity watch the film "Dark Waters"

We want our customers to be aware of what they are buying  and so we publish the results of the tests and we will not restock anything testing higher than <20ppm  as it is most likely incidental and at this point almost impossible to control BUT we are always aiming for Non Detect < 10 ppm - the best you can test for. 

We have been working for almost 2 years testing products and ingredients, and also  working with BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology) on developing accessible and standard testing protocols here in Canada etc.

And we have shed a lot of tears throughout our journey and we have spent many sleepless nights worrying about what to do because …

Once you know … you know.

All funds will be used for testing - not for formulating or manufacturing or operations of any kind .

ALL funds will go directly to the cost of the lab tests and shipping the products to the lab - that 's it  and we will have quarterly updates for donators. 

Also please note these donations are NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE - for either of us - different countries and all :)  Also bit of a weird one as the price is in USD on the site so for Canadians the amounts result in 10=13   25= 33. and 50 = 66 ( approximately and dependent on the Canadian/Us exchange ) 

All support is appreciated  - even a share helps!   -   Read more here :