No Apologies Lip & Cheek Hue - Another good product for us and our earth

"Disclaimer: This blog post reflects my interpretation, as the founder of a beauty brand without a scientific background, on the topic of organic fluorine and PFAS concerning our cosmetic business, up to the present date."

In the realm of beauty, No Apologies Lip & Cheek Hue is another world first. 

Imagined to have a small foot print as well as being luscious, moisturizing and deeply pigmented SAPPHO is proud to announce the launch of the first 2 of  4 mesmerizing hues each crafted to compliment a diverse spectrum of skin tones, personalities and styles. 

We named it No Apologies Lip and Cheek Hue because we feel that it is important  to have the ability to create  products that are scientifically verified to be as clean of PFAS as we possibly can but we are also at the threshold of a new scientific territory - the mitigation of PFAS - all 14000 of them  and our intention is to keep as many checks in place to ensure we are keeping to our ethos of getting greener as we grow.  We have read scientific papers and spoken with experts that purport safety thresholds of 500 ppm all the way down to the smallest you can test for - Non-detect <10ppm . I have not been successful in finding any extensive  dermal testing/computer analysis  that has beed done in relation to personal care items and PFAS absorption  so it is somewhat random at this time however it is always been our practice to err on the side of safety and so we aim for the lowest we can. 

Please keep in mind we are a tiny company and although we are seeking ways to to more testing we are still limited.  

Our lips are the most sensitive area of our body, they do no have oil glands and so are prone to dryness and cracking and so are also an area where PFAS and other toxicants can easily access our blood stream and so we have been testing these over and over again to get them to the lowest we can with Vanessa coming back at non detect <2ppm for fluorine . 

We understand that to expect a non-detect result for every product is not reasonable at this time - that the science is too new - that the processes for identification and the study of PFAS in general,  is way behind the actual production of them.  We are dedicated to do the best we can do. 

Our customers are part of a  growing niche  and represent  women and men deeply concerned not only with personal adornment but also with the costs to our health and the health of our planet. 

We wish we could mass produce  PFAS tested products - one day it will be possible, but for now it is expensive and difficult but also satisfying. 

Finally now they are arriving  and we could not me more thrilled. 

MEET THE Unapologetic Hues

Hazey Pink/Vanessa l

HAZEY PINK  -  ahhh those customers that have been writing, missing our hazey lip gloss are going to be so happy with our new rendition.  Creamy and nourishing the colour is as close as we could get to  our original and we couldn't be more pleased. 


VANESSA -  A sophisticated just kissed tone crafted with rust and  brown notes to make it adaptable to any skin tone. 


Both colours come in plastic free packaging, in a minimum waste envelope and if you like - you can also purchase our new Singer recharge compact - made from a zinc alloy this premium compact is refillable and comes with a comforting weight and a satisfying click!