Navigating Glow for Oily Complexions: Expert Solutions

Achieving that coveted glow often feels like a balancing act, especially for those with oily skin.  While radiant skin is a goal and easy for those with dry skin to attain  (add a little luminizer/serum/moisturizer ) - it is harder for those with oily skin. When excessive shininess takes center stage, foundations can break apart, leaving many searching for the perfect foundations to strike the right balance.  Sappho New Paradigm Essential foundations are the perfect solution tor oily skin.

The Struggle with Oily Skin 

Oily skin can be a blessing and a curse,  it's natural moisture can give a youthful radiance but often goes hand in hand with larger pores and excessive shine with makeup that seems to slide off minutes after application. Finding a natural foundation that caters to oily skin's needs -  providing light to medium coverage without clogging pores or amplifying shine - can be a daunting task. 

Enter SAPPHO's Essential Foundations

SAPHHO New Paradigm Essential Foundations have emerged as a  beacon of hope for those grappling with oily skin.  What sets these foundations apart?  These foundations are formulated with a focus on natural organic ingredients that not only provide coverage but also serve to leave the skin feeling clean and nourished. 

Why SAPPHO's Essential Foundations Shine Bright

1. Natural ingredients : SAPPHO prioritizes organic ingredients, avoiding all dimethicones, silicones and siloxanes.  This approach helps to prevent clogged and leave the skin feeling clean. 

 2. Balancing Act: The formulation strikes the perfect balance between coverage and breathability.  Jojoba oil is a contributing factor as it is not actually an oil but a wax esther which  serves to add greaseless moisture! Utilizing various herbs, organic alcohol and phyto nutrients  ensures  a flawless finish without feeling like it is suffocating the skin.  The light weight texture feels comfortable and light. 

3. Matte vs Luminous: The foundation itself offers a matte finish that manages to retain a healthy, natural glow.  Whether you have oily or dry skin (even without adding moisture), the natural oils come through slowly and offer a lovely halo rather than direct shine.  

4. Long Lasting: SAPPHO's Essential foundations are designed to stay put, even on oily skin. They boast impressive longevity, especially for a natural product,  reducing the need for constant touchups throughout the day. 

5. Versatile Shades:  Although admittedly a small range (we are a company of 2 women ), there is a lot of play between tones and we are always available to help a client choose a color.  Each tone is named for a particular person that JoAnn has worked with or/and esteems ie Pam - is named for Pam Grier the actress and matches the tone that JoAnn used when she did Pam's makeup on the L Word - over 6 seasons! 

Tips for Application

1. Prep your skin - moisturize your face with an appropriate moisturizer ie oil free for those with oily skin or a serum for dry skin .

2. Use sparingly and use a buffer brush for application.:  Dot the foundation on your forehead, cheeks, chin and nose and then blend up and out with a buffer brush. Do the whole face and then go in to areas that need to be build up for more coverage. For very difficult areas you can also add SAPPHO concealer over top. 

Final Thoughts 

SAPPHO foundations offer a glimmer of hope for individuals struggling to find a natural foundation that looks and feels great for oily skin as well as dry. 

Disclosure : always perform a patch text before trying new products and consult a dermatologist if you have specific skin concerns or conditions.