We Won! 2023 Beauty Innovation Award : Best Mascara - Embracing Refillable Tubes


Beauty Innovation Award - Best Mascara  - refillable

In the pursuit of truly sustainable beauty, innovative solutions are reshaping our cosmetic choices. One such ground breaking concept and Winner of the Beauty Innovation Award 2023 is SAPPHO's refillable mascara tube - marrying eco-consciousness with glamour.  Here we are going to discuss the advantages of adopting refillable mascara tubes,  where the outer casing is made of aluminum and the inside and replaceable tube is made of PFAS non-detect virgin mono plastic. 

Advantages of Refillable Mascara Tubes

1. Reduce Plastic Waste: The core benefit of refillable mascara tubes lies in their ability to significantly reduce plastic waste. It is not the ultimate solution ( that would mean no plastic) however by opting for a metal outer-casing  paired with a  PFAs Non-Detect light insert you minimize the use of plastic as most mascara tubes are either fused with metal so not recyclable and will take much longer to break down or they are made entirely of plastic, whether mono or not - not tested for PFAS. 

2. Cost-Effectiveness:  While the initial cost is slightly higher, the refillable system - especially for a mascara which should be changed  every 3-4 months will in the long run be much more economical. 

3.  Innovative Design:  Refillable mascara tubes when tested to be low in PFAS Non-Detect<10ppm ensures you are using products that are the safest one can buy and the sleek metal casing is luxuriously simple in look and function.  The easy -to-change plastic inserts enhance user experience, making the process seamless. 


Low PFAS Tested Plastic Inserts: A GREEN REVOLUTION

1.  Environmentally Safe Choice:  these plastic inserts, including the wand and brush have tested Non-Detect for PFAS 10ppm - this is the smallest once can test for formulas and packaging at this time . Water is tested at parts per trillion. 

 2. Non-Detect Beauty:  Opting in for low PFAS plastic inserts signifies a commitment to a better planet. By choosing products with minimal chemical traces, you prioritize your well being while contributing to a cleaner environment.

3. Inspire Industry Change: Supporting brands that offer refillable mascara systems with  PFAS Non-Detect<10ppm inserts sends a powerful message . It encourages other companies to invest in sustainable practices, fostering a culture of environmental responsibility within the beauty industry 

Our refillable mascara tubes with the metal outer cases and Non-Detect PFAS tested inner tubes mark a significant stride towards sustainability beauty practices and transparency. By embracing these alternatives we not only enhance our own beauty rituals but also are actively participating in helping to preserve our planet for the future. 

Thank you so much for all your support in helping to make this happen!