A Tribute to the Buffer Brush

Our team members are all big fans of makeup brushes. One type in particular makes all our top 3 lists.
What makes a buffer brush so good?

Densely packed bristles, a relatively flat, smooth top and a comfortable curved handle, ideal for self-application, evenly layering foundation makeup and buffing out to an even-textured, airbrush-like finish.

In this post, our teammate Lily explains all the reasons why SAPPHO's Perfect Finish Buffer Brush is her absolute favorite.

Vegan Foundation Buffer Brush Dyptique with brown hand holding up on left, and a close up of bristles on right

Friday evenings, whether I would be attending a lovely dinner with my girlfriends or posing for selfies with my best friend, were always the perfect excuse to dress up and look as glamorous as possible. During these occasions, the last thing I wanted to worry about was if my foundation looked cakey or uneven when my biggest priority at the moment, was to feel confident, beautiful and radiant, and to have fun. Unfortunately, this was something I struggled with on a regular basis, as I would often notice a flaw in my makeup halfway through the event. Ultimately, I would feel so anxious that I would be attached to my phone camera to examine the noticeability of my messy foundation every few minutes.

Clean beauty makeup brand SAPPHO team member Lily holding up her favorite buffer brush

Ever since I began incorporating the Perfect Finish Buffer Brush as a staple in my makeup routine, thinking about how my foundation looked has been the least of my worries. To this day, I can confidently say that the buffer brush is my holy grail, and I will never look back. 

Now, just like I did at first, you may be wondering, what is a buffer brush? Buffer brushes consist of more densely packed bristles compared to normal brushes and are noticeably thicker. Can you use a buffer brush for liquid foundation? Absolutely YES. The composition of buffer brushes is specifically designed to effectively distribute foundation gently and evenly across the skin. Their gentle bristles make achieving natural, airbrushed skin effortlessly easy and fast. You'll find the buffer brush foundation combo a key to successful, breezy application.

Are you thinking that you're not sure how to use a buffer brush for foundation? I did too. You can use a buffer brush to apply foundation all over, like you would any foundation brush, in gentle strokes working your way from the centre of the face outward, or you can use it just to finish your application, say after using a damp sponge, fingertips or a classic foundation brush, moving in small circles, which is truly the magical part! It makes your foundation much more even and it looks like your skin texture is smoother somehow, with pores less visible and the foundation just blended nicely onto the skin.

Perfect Finish Buffer Brush for foundation makeup placed on its box, with the PETA cruelty free and vegan logo 

Since incorporating the buffer brush into my makeup routine, I have never, remotely considered using a regular foundation brush or beauty blender to apply my foundation. Buffer brushes have the ability to smoothly and softly blend products into your skin with a certain kind of flawlessness that beauty blenders simply do not have the capability to do. Although both beauty blenders and regular foundation brushes have many wonderful qualities and attributes, I find that for a fuller coverage foundation application, the buffer brush enables a concentrated and efficient application. This brush has given me the flawless finish that I desire and has enabled me to prioritize nothing but feeling confident, beautiful, and radiant on any occasion. 



Written by Lily Liu, SAPPHO Muse and Digital Marketing Assistant.