Curating The Best Makeup Brushes to Use, And Which Brush Does What

Let’s be honest. The vast number of makeup brushes in the beauty world make brushes seem daunting.
How are you supposed to decide which makeup brushes are best for you?

Based on the products you use in your makeup routine, a few different brushes might be necessary to achieve the looks you’re going for. Fear not, we’re here to help, and this simple guide will take you through the not-so-scary world of makeup brushes and show you just how easy SAPPHO’s 100% vegan brushes are to use after all!

In this post, we introduce our new Cruelty Free Makeup Brush Set and what they each do.

Product Overview: Cruelty Free Pro Makeup Brushes with a set of 6 vegan brushes

When looking at new brushes, so many questions can come to mind. What makeup brushes do what? Why are there so many different variations of brushes? Why is this brush thin and why is this one thicker? What makeup brushes do you need? Like, really.

When first starting your makeup journey, a simple beauty blender may have been just what you needed to achieve a look, however, as you begin to explore new looks and wander into the realms of eyeshadows, contouring and blush, your trusty beauty blender will no longer do the trick.

About our brushes

SAPPHO New Paradigm makeup brushes are proudly cruelty-free, made from synthetic, renewable materials to reduce waste on the path to a sustainable future. Designed by JoAnn Fowler, renowned celebrity makeup artist and founder of SAPPHO, each brush is carefully crafted to be easy to clean, long-lasting and skin friendly.

Those with a wood handle use materials sourced sustainably (FSC® certified origin, woot woot!) and water-based paints. Durable, high quality makeup brushes mean a longer service life for your needs.

1. Professional Foundation Buffing Brush

Best cruelty free foundation brush, new style professional foundation buffing brush

This thick, dense foundation brush perfectly complements the application of SAPPHO’s Essential Foundation, and works with any liquid or cream foundation, as well as makeup primers. Packed with gentle fibers made from renewable, synthetic materials, it’s designed to make your foundation glide silkily across your skin for a gorgeous, blended finish. Its slight angle towards the back allows for gentle buffing as needed. Recommended for professionals and novices alike! 

2. Concealer Buffing Brush

Best cruelty free concealer brush, new angled style concealer buffing brush

The latest innovation in concealer brushes, our Concealer Buffing Brush is built on a slight angle, with densely packed bristles, and created with softer, delicate bristles to encourage gentler application on the under-eye tissue. The meticulously designed brush adds the ability to buff the color of the concealer rather than pulling it outwards how conventional brushes do. Recently launched, it’s quickly becoming a fave for many.

“The new concealer brush is what concealer brush dreams are made of!” – Natalya @foodntravel_addict

3. Angle Brush 

Best cruelty free Angle Brush used on model's brows by makeup artist hand

The Angle Brush is one of the most versatile brushes in the beauty world. With its strong, sharp design, it’s designed with bristles kept short purposefully: to make lining your eyes for a precise, strong contrast in color, easier than ever. Additionally, it’s the ideal addition to your makeup bag for creating perfect brows to frame the face naturally with any makeup look. A classic tool we’ll never tire of.

4. Blush & Powder Brush

Best cruelty free blush brush, used by makeup artist on model's cheek

Two brushes in one, this dome shaped brush is used for both blush and powder application, evenly and beautifully. Designed to facilitate precise brush placement for your desired makeup look, and with its unique shape, this brush has versatile capabilities for use with face powder and contour applications.

5. Eyeshadow Buffing Brush

Best cruelty free eyeshadow brush, new style buffing brush, used by makeup artist hand on model's eye

This fluffy eyeshadow brush also possesses a slight angle towards the back, to facilitate the blending of your eyeshadow pigments. Its soft bristles aim to ease application and allow you to buff out eyelids and crease lines, to make your desired beauty look as simple to achieve as possible.

Watch our Makeup Artist Cristina do a soft cut-crease using this brush. (12-second watch)

6. Perfect Finish Buffer Brush 

Best cruelty free buffer brush for foundation, with hand holding a brush and a close up of the flat brush head on the right

The Buffer Brush – a team favourite – is densely packed with synthetic bristles, creating a smooth, relatively firm flat top that’s also somehow very soft. Many ask us what is a buffer makeup brush used for and once they know and try it out, they're hooked! This gentle brush makes liquid foundation glide across your skin and works effortlessly with SAPPHO’s Essential Foundation. Meant for creating a smooth, airbrush-like finish, it can be used for full application of foundation in regular strokes and/or to finish application by buffing in gentle circular motion, where needed. The brush buffers the foundation into the skin and subsequently layers the foundation to the desired opacity, making your skin look blended, smooth, and radiant as ever. Its curved comfort-shaped handle is ideal for self-application, less so for applying on others. A SAPPHO bestseller since 2016!

Our love for this brush runs deep, so deep we wrote a whole blog post dedicated to it. Read it here

Best cruelty free buffer brush used by model on her face showing the comfortable handle

You can purchase each brush individually, as needed, or the whole brush set at once and save yourself the trouble and a little $.



Written By Lily Liu, SAPPHO muse and Digital Marketing Assistant, and Noemie Crepeau, Director of Sales & Marketing.