Winter 2021 Makeup Trends That Celebrate Your Beauty For The Holidays And Beyond

Rounding up the biggest makeup looks for glam or cozy holidays. Winter makeup that contrast soft and bold looks to pair with glam maxi dresses and chunky sweaters alike, to celebrate you... No matter what!

This holiday season is all about celebration - the celebration of all the happy, sad, and truly unforgettable memories of 2021, the celebration of old, loyal friendships and new relationships budding with promise, and the celebration of everything you are and want to be! Now, what better way to celebrate YOU, your loved ones, and everything you treasure by exploring new, glamorous makeup looks that will get the party started inside and out? 

Two models celebrating the holidays in 2021 wearing glamorous makeup looks and holding champagne glasses

Luckily for you, our team has gathered the hottest winter 2021 makeup trends for you to own when you commemorate this crazy year full of love, laughs, ups and downs, and unforgettable moments to cherish forever. Cheers!

1. Bold Lips

A statement red lip can completely transform any casual and monotonous makeup look into one that exudes extravagance. Our limited edition Speak Volumes Lip Gloss in Chelle Red not only offers the smoothest and silkiest application, but it also simultaneously nourishes and hydrates your lips with its flawless, natural formula. With one easy glide, you have the potential to upgrade any makeup look from simple to wow for any special celebration. 

Pair it with a super smokey eye makeup for a timeless party look. After all, what else screams elegance if not a bold, red lip? 

Indigenous model Lexi wearing a red dress with bold red lips and a super smokey eye makeup, two of the biggest makeup trends for the holidays in 2021

2. Pearl Eyeshadow

A light, dusty pink, beige and shimmery eyeshadow paired with a subtle liner is the perfect look to compliment the luminous snow falls of winter, while giving you a subtle glam for your celebrations.

To start, use our Eyes Open Eyeshadow in shimmery pink Rebekah and gently blend the shadow across your eyelid with an Eyeshadow Brush. To add more depth to the look, blend Gitte in your crease to create a deep, sophisticated dimension. Finally, complete this effortlessly stunning look by lining your eyes with Raven using a damp Eyeliner Brush. Top your shimmery eye makeup with a touch of Skin Luminizer in Light for a modern pearlescent sheen, right on the brow bone and at the inner corners of the eyes. 

A perfect, classy look that seamlessly compliments the sweet, incandescent glow of winter while softly enhancing your naturally beautiful features. 

Canadian model Maia wearing a soft pink pearlescent eyeshadow look with her dark silver sequin dress for New Years 2022 makeup inspiration

3. Soft Golden Glam

Neutral taupe, gold and beige eyeshadows harmonize perfectly in combination when creating a soft yet glamorous look. Shying away from bolder colors and dark, smokey, dramatic makeup, this golden eyeshadow look still emanates an enchanting, elegant glamour but gently whispers it rather than screams it.

Start off with a neutral base by gently blending our Eyes Open Eyeshadow in Minaz across the eyelid. To create more definition around the eyes, blend Chloe in the crease, following with a delicate dust of Turtle underneath the brow bone to complete the harmony. Finally, with a damp Eyeliner Brush, gently line your eyes with Raven to enhance your natural eye shape, then softly blend to diffuse the line. Generously coat your lashes with our Maximum Intensity Mascara, drying in between layers. 

Voila! A softer, enchanting makeup look for any special occasion, and any type of celebration, that pairs well with cozy or rocking outfits.

 Short hair model wearing golden eyeshadow look suitable for Asian skin tones for winter holidays 2021 makeup trends blog

4. Smokey Eyeshadow

This bold, dusky eyeshadow is a key player in creating a both mesmerizing and memorable celebratory look. Whether you are attending an elegant holiday dinner, a bougie work formal, or just simply celebrating on Zoom in the comfort of your own home, this smokey eyeshadow is perfect to truly mesmerize those around you.

Our muse, Rayian, is wearing the Skin Luminizer in Bronze applied on her eyelids to create a base for this stunning eyeshadow. Next, our Eyes Open Eyeshadow in matte brown shade Jono was applied to the crease of her eyes, followed by Deep Dianne gently applied under the brow bone. To complete the look, a damp Eyeliner Brush was used to line her eyes with Raven Eyeshadow along with a generous coat of our Maximum Intensity Mascara to lengthen her lashes.

An absolutely stunning makeup look to celebrate you and your beauty! 

Black model Rayian with super long hair wig and glam pink maxi dress paired with a classic smokey eye makeup for winter 2021 beauty trends

5. Y2K Lip Gloss

As we continue to move forward in time from 2021 to 2022, the trendiest and hottest makeup looks continue to move backwards. Specifically, Y2K lip gloss has been making a comeback for the last few months, and will continue to rise in popularity. So, during this holiday season, what better way to celebrate how far we’ve all come by combining some classic, lip looks from the 2000s? Our Speak Volumes Lip Glosses add exciting pops of color capturing the Y2K aesthetic, minus the stickiness attribute of actual lip gloss from the 2000s era. Look your best, feel your best and celebrate the last few decades with nostalgic trends from the 2000s as we move into the future!

Two models rocking the Y2K pink lip gloss trends for 2021 winter makeup inspiration blog


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