Effortless Spring Summer 2021 Makeup

These four trends focus on the hottest spring 2021 eye makeup trends, lip looks, and styles. Only requiring little skill to master, we guarantee that you will fall in love with each of these techniques in the season of new beginnings!

Spring is a symbol of new beginnings and new life. As the flowers begin to bloom, the sweet chirping of birds become our morning alarm and the world around us becomes a little brighter, this season is the perfect time to try out new things to create our own new beginnings. Redefining our current beauty routines, we sought out new natural makeup looks that are effortlessly unique for your new adventures!

1. Pink Lips

Pink lips are an essential to any spring makeup, adding a subtle yet exciting pop of color to complete your look. This sweet, rosy undertone can completely transform a once matte and monotonous look into a lively shimmer while providing a nourishing treatment for your lips. This gorgeous lip can be easily achieved with our Speak Volumes Lip Gloss in Hazey with just one smooth, simple glide, and is perfect for quick, on-the-go reapplications!

2. Earth Tones

Grounding earth tones are a must this season, and our step by step guide will help you effortlessly capture your naturally radiant glow. With a natural skin base that can be easily achieved with our Essential Foundation, our focus can next shift towards recreating the gorgeous earthy eye makeup that elegantly encompasses the elements of the beautiful landscapes around us. Start by gently applying the shade Laura from our Eyes Wide Open Eyeshadow as a base for your eyelid to set a light, natural tone, and follow with the application of Beckitt matte brown eyeshadow blended into the crease. To make your eyes pop, highlight the center of the lid with our Skin Luminizer and a light dust of our Unabashed Blush in peach shade Natalie on top. To further accentuate your eyes, smudge a little bit of our eyeshadow in Raven across the top and bottom of your lash line. Voila! Who knew that this naturally radiant look could be so easy to achieve?!

3. Pretty in Pink

Inspired by the blooming of the glorious cherry blossoms which line Vancouver's streets every spring, the pink eyeshadow not only beautifully compliments their arrival, but is a gorgeous look to softly capture your unique features. Start with applying our Tutz Blush across the eyelid as a base, then blending Rebekah from our Eyes Open Eyeshadow on top. Gently apply a thin line of Raven eyeshadow as wet eyeliner across the top lash line, and finish off this ethereal look with our Maximum Intensity Vegan Mascara. This beautiful, soft look will exquisitely delicately capture your charming features, and is perfect for any occasion!

4. Naturally Sculpted Makeup

Sculpted makeup is perfect for accentuating your naturally beautiful facial features, while providing a more defined edge to your final look. Creating a natural skin base can easily be achieved with our Skin Perfecting Primer and Essential Foundation, followed by the application of our Skin Luminizer on your cheekbones and nose bridge to reflect your natural glow. Opting for light, shimmery eye makeup to compliment your sculpted features, start off by applying Minaz Eyes Open Eyeshadow all over the lid, then blending the Beckitt Eyeshadow gently in the crease. Highlight the centre of the eye with our Skin Luminizer in Medium and a delicate coat of Natalie Blush across the lid. Finish the look with Jono Eyeshadow smudged on the top and bottom lash lines, and a voluminous coat of our Maximum Intensity Vegan Mascara to accentuate your eyes.



Here's a full list of SAPPHO's clean beauty products used to create each of these looks:

Look #1 - Pink Lips on Tamilla

SKIN: Skin Perfecting Primer for Dry Skin, Essential Foundation in Leisha, Cream Concealer in Light (under eyes and on blemishes), Unabashed Blush in Tutz, Skin Luminizer in Light.

EYES: Brow Pomade in Taupe Grey. Eyes Open Eyeshadows in Chloe on the lid and underneath, Gitte very lightly on the outer corner brushed in and under lash line, Raven used with a wet brush across the lashes for a French liner, top lid only. Vegan Mascara on top and bottom eyelashes.

LIPS: Speak Volumes Lip Gloss in Hazey, patted on with fingers.

Look #2 - Earth Tones on Zaida

SKIN: Skin Perfecting Primer for Oily Skin, Essential Foundation in Sarah, Cream Concealer in Caramel, Skin Luminizer in Medium (cheekbones, nose bridge) and Bronze (top part of cheekbones), Unabashed Blush in Luv the Cheeks, Shine Patrol Face Powder for contour in Dark.

EYES: Laura Eyes Open Eyeshadow all over lid, topped with Beckitt Eyeshadow in the crease, highlighted at center with Medium Skin Luminizer, peach Natalie Blush applied very lightly across the lid, with Raven Eyeshadow smudged right in top and bottom lash line. Vegan Mascara. Brow Pomade in Dark Brown.

LIPS: Speak Volumes Lip Gloss in Amy 

Look #3 - Pretty in Pink on Ayla

SKIN: Skin Perfecting Primer for Oily Skin, Essential Foundation in Bryce, Cream Concealer in Fair, Skin Luminizer in Light (top of cheekbones, nose bridge, chin), Unabashed Blush in Tutz, Silky Setting Powder to set makeup.

EYES: Tutz Blush all over lid, topped with Rebekah Eyeshadow, highlighting the brow bone with Light Skin Luminizer, the lash line is Raven used with a slightly damp brush to create a French line. Vegan Mascara and Brow Pomade in Medium Brown.

LIPS: Speak Volumes Lip Gloss in Hazey

Look #4 - Sculpted Natural Makeup on Pratiksha

SKIN: Skin Perfecting Primer for Dry Skin, Essential Foundation in Sarita, Cream Concealer in Medium and Caramel, Skin Luminizer in Medium (cheekbones, nose bridge), Unabashed Blush in Natalie, Shine Patrol Face Powder in Medium.

EYES: Minaz Eyes Open Eyeshadow all over lid, topped with Beckitt Eyeshadow in the crease, highlighted at center with Medium Skin Luminizer, Natalie Blush applied very lightly across the lid, with Jono Eyeshadow smudged right in top and bottom lash lines. Vegan Mascara and Brow Pomade in Dark Brown.

LIPS: Lip Gloss in Rita topped with a touch of Christine