Natural makeup trends for Fall 2020

Fall is the season for makeup...

This summer was marked with many going totally natural and omitting wearing much makeup, whether because of spending more time outdoors, in the yard or less time at work, while this fall is one for getting back to wearing more. Heading back to the office or having more zoom meetings? Foundation that stays is key, and knowing how to add that soft winter glow.

1. Back to wearing makeup

Fall is here and with it we turn our interest from summer tans and naked skin to polished and professional makeup looks that bring the best of summer forward. 

Latinx model Mariana wearing natural makeup look from Fall 2020 photoshoot

Our top tips:

  • Still no need to pile on tons of makeup (unless you love to) because having your skin look its best is what clean beauty looks are all about
  • SAPPHO natural foundation helps to protect the skin from the elements while keeping pores clean and is formulated to last
  • Because we do not use animal oils or heavy glycerin, our foundation although providing medium coverage, does not feel heavy or slide off the face halfway through the day
  • Essential Foundation does not contain conventional coconut oil and does not give a greasy look (bonus - it's non-comedogenic foundation!)
  • Our Skin Luminizers will give you the glow you need without the greasiness of animal-based shimmers, applied under or over your foundation
  • If you wear a mask, try setting your foundation with our Shine Patrol Pressed Powders or Silky Setting Powder for longer lasting coverage and extended wear time

2. Sculpted fluffy brows

There is an old Eastern saying that “your brows map your destiny”.

A clean professional camera-ready look always includes attention to brows and we are moving away from big overdrawn looks into a more natural brow line.

While some are taking the fluffy brow trend to extremes, we recommend keeping a more proportional approach for a polished but trendy style.

SAPPHO’s Brow Pomade is suited to enhance the look of brows without having to create heavy lines or a drawn-on with all SAPPHO products, meant for you to look your best.  

Professional model wearing organic brow pomade for sculpted fluffy brow look

What does brow pomade do?

  • Gives depth to the tone of your brows
  • Add structure and intent to the brows
  • Is waterproof so lasts through sweat
  • Gives a long lasting look using organic waxes from plants (not 🐝)
  • Provides natural color using low heavy metal, ethically mined minerals
  • Best applied with SAPPHO angle brush
  • Help keep hairs in place

3. Jewel toned eyes

Jewel toned eyes are making a splash. Since it is still early fall, we created a subtle jewel tone makeup look that can be worn anytime, anywhere.

Specifically designed for our model's deep skin tone, this eye makeup was done using our Luv the Cheeks Blush color over the rich gold brown Norma Eyeshadow color. Makeup is makeup and can be used all over the face and body (with the exception of lake reds that should not be used around the eyes, and our products don't contain any by the way!)... 

Another use for Luv the Cheeks Blush in eye makeup on any skin tone is as a final crease color blended in with a dark black eyeshadow like Raven, taking that smokey eye into the realm of spectacular.

Black model wearing pink jewel tone makeup using natural and vegan products

Step-by-step to get this look:

  • Apply Luv the Cheeks Blush lightly all-over the lid
  • Add Norma Eyeshadow on top
  • Apply Laura Eyeshadow as highlight at the centre of the lid
  • Repeat under the lash line
  • Apply Raven Eyeshadow in the lash line on top
  • Go back to Luv the Cheeks Blush and apply all-over the lid and under
  • Add a little more Raven Eyeshadow smudged in the lash line
  • Apply mascara generously, let dry, apply more until desired length is achieved

4. All over highlight

Keep that healthy summer glow going! Often our skin gets gradually duller as the colder weather settles in, but applying vegan highlighter to the face, and even the body, is a good way to add back some glow.

Close up of professional makeup artist applying luminizer on shoulder area with foundation brush


  •  Apply a light or generous amount of Skin Luminizer to the high points of the face (cheeks, brown bones, cupid's bow, chin)
  • Add a touch to shoulders and collar bones if those areas will be exposed
  • Choose a colour that suits you: Light/Porcelain for a pearlescent effect, Medium for a champagne-toned glow, or Bronze for highlighting dark or deep skin tones
  • Use fingers if the jar is a little cold to warm up the product and apply either with fingertips or a brush