Summer 2021 Makeup Trends That You’re Naturally Going to Fall in Love With!

These top 5 Summer 2021 makeup trends focus on one main thing - enhancing your natural beauty and glow! Each of these techniques are easy-to-achieve, and will leave you no longer wondering how to do the best summer makeup looks. 

As the days get a little warmer, the sun sets a little later and the smell of summer gets a little stronger, the universe foreshadows a summer filled with new adventures, late night bonfires, and more golden hour memories. With an emphasis on makeup that will highlight your natural summer glow, our team gathered the best summer makeup looks and trends that will truly capture your summer essence. 

1) Dewy Skin

Summer 2021 is all about capturing your natural essence, with a shift towards makeup looks that will make your skin dance in the sunlight. Moving away from thick, matte foundations that disguise your natural skin, we’re leaning towards light, delicate skin products such as our Essential Foundation and Skin Luminizers that will revitalize your healthy glow. Mastering this dewy look is easy, and can be achieved by simply mixing our foundation with moisturizer to create a shiny, natural base and complimented with a light application of luminizer for a glowing finish. This natural look will not only make you look like a dewy goddess, but feel like one too, and is absolutely perfect for sunset walks and new summer adventures. 

Model Fay is wearing Essential Foundation in shade Tracey with Skin Luminizer in shade Bronze

Black model wearing natural foundation for dark skin tone.

2) Blushed Up Cheeks

Blushed up cheeks create a flushed look that show off your radiant, healthy complexion. This easy-to-achieve look explores the use of subtle red, pink and peach tints that add an incandescent glow to your skin, and requires very little technical skill to perfect. Simply apply a light layer of one of our refillable Unabashed Blushes from your cheekbones to the lower temple and blend upwards gently to lift your facial features. This subtle addition to your makeup routine adds a refreshing yet radiant glow to complete any look!

Model is wearing blush in Natalie

Asian model wearing natural makeup and natural foundation for Asian skin tone.

3) Glossy Lips

Pairing perfectly with the upcoming trend of dewy skin and blushed up cheeks, glossy lips are also making a comeback this summer to compliment this natural glowy look. An effortless lip gloss finish is the perfect way to complete any makeup look while providing a luxurious moisturizing treatment for your lips. One easy glide of our Speak Volumes Lip Glosses over your lips can add an exciting shimmer to enhance your final look, while a more defined lip can be achieved with additional layers of gloss, both perfect for any summer occasion! 

Shown below in spiced peach shade Amy.

Black model wearing peach lip gloss for summer 2021 makeup.

4) No Makeup-Makeup

Unsurprisingly, no makeup-makeup is making yet another appearance to compliment your naturally beautiful features, and is perfect for any beach day or summertime adventure. With an emphasis on lighter and more delicate skin products, you'll need our Essential Foundation and Light Reflecting CC Cream for a natural base. You can try mixing a little bit of foundation with your moisturizer for a little bit of extra hydration and coverage while still flaunting your natural skin, or try an easy application of our CC cream loaded with zinc oxide and antioxidants - perfect for sunny days. Next, our Creamy Concealer is the perfect product for spot concealing and brightening your skin while maintaining your genuine beauty. Finally, you can finish off the look with one of our Skin Luminizers for a dewy highlight to make your skin dance in the sun and a light blush to accentuate your natural glow. Voila! A naturally radiant look for any outing and occasion!

Model Marianna is wearing our Essential Foundation in Rosalina, Creamy Concealer mixed in Medium and Light, and Skin Luminizer in Light

Latina model wearing natural foundation and natural eye makeup for summer 2021 makeup trends.

5) Brushed-Up Brows

As seen on runways from Summer 2021, we noticed that fluffy, brushed up brows were a perfect addition to create a voluminous, textured brow to enhance your makeup look. Although these detailed brows may seem challenging to create, they are easily attainable with our Eyeliner Brush and our Brow Pomade. Simply brush your brows with any old mascara wand or brow brush to lengthen your natural brow hairs and fill your brow in with light strokes using the eyeliner brush and brow pomade. These brows add a natural flare to compliment and complete your look!

Model Alexia is wearing the Brow Pomade in Medium Brown



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