Why a Refillable Mascara and How Does Refillable Makeup Work?

No More Landfills Full of Plastics.

Have you heard of refillable mascara? This sustainability friendly product revolutionizes the way mascara is consumed and disposed. In this blog post, we go over how often you should change your mascara and discuss the benefits of using refillable mascara, how it works, and tips on recycling mascara when you’re done with it. Refillable mascaras, while not a totally perfect solution, do offer a more efficient lifecycle for beauty products without compromising on quality. Learn how to make your makeup routine more sustainable with SAPPHO!

How Long Do I Keep My Mascara and Why Refillable Makes Sense

Customers often ask, "How long does mascara last?"

Experts say you should change your mascara every 3-6 months, even if it has a longer shelf life, as it is easily contaminated. That's a lot of mascara tubes!

The moist environment within the mascara tube and the repeated exposure to air make it a breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms. Prolonged use of mascara past its expiration date can lead to eye infections and other adverse health effects. It's important to regularly check the condition of your mascara and replace it promptly if there are any signs of change in color, smell, or consistency. To minimize the risk of infection, always remember to close the mascara tightly after use and avoid sharing mascara with others.

Professional makeup artists use disposable wands for large scenes with lots of background actors, etc. and make sure never to double dip! However, if you are ever going to be on camera for whatever reason, including photos, as a makeup artist I would suggest always bringing your own mascara - just in case.

On every SAPPHO photoshoot our models get individual, new products and they take home everything we use on them.

It's safe to say that in both cases, for personal and for professional use as well, refillable mascara can be useful if it's going to be replaced often for safety. This is even truer if you are mindful of your eco footprint and are trying to reduce waste.

How does the refillable system work? 


The mascara wand is made to attach to the refill cartridge containing the mascara formula. The outer tube is made of aluminium, and the replaceable mascara cartridge fits in with a click to the top and a click to the bottom.

To use the refillable system, the user removes the empty cartridge from the tube, when it's empty or it's time to replace it, and inserts a new one.

The wand then twists out and is used to apply the mascara as normal. 

How to Recycle Mascara

When the mascara cartridge is empty, the user can replace it with a new one. The whole refill cartridge can be recycled by either dropping off at a Pact-participating drop-off retail store or by mailing the units to Pact Collective to be safely recycled.

Pact Collective is a non-profit specifically set up to recycle hard-to-manage beauty products. It has both a mail-in program for rural areas, and drop-off boxes in larger cities. The boxes are 'brand agnostic' meaning they will accept our mascara tubes. Below are some links to drop-off sites as well as mail-in instructions


This system, especially having tested undetected for PFAS, allows for a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to use mascara and to help our planet. 

With a top click,
and a bottom click.




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