Fall 2021 Makeup Trends to Try for Yourself This Season

Fall… fall… fall… the season of corn mazes, pumpkins, spiced lattes and most importantly, the majestic reds, blazing oranges and radiant yellows that begin to decorate our streets. What better way to further announce the arrival this season with Fall 2021 makeup looks that suit and enhance the gorgeous array of colours around us? Luckily for you, we’ve got the trendiest looks to make this fall all about complementing you and your beauty!

1. Soft Blush

As we transition from warm, summer days into a cooler, colorful autumn, a soft tinge of blush is perfect for capturing the remaining iridescence of summer while reflecting the gorgeous, blazing hues of fall. With one of our Blush Brushes, delicately dust the tip of your cheekbones, all the way to your temples, with one of our Unabashed Blushes to gently lift your features. A truly effortless technique to capture your beautiful features as they are reflected in the red, orange and yellow tinges of the season's falling leaves.

Black Model Wearing Medium Coverage Foundation with A Soft Blush Reflecting the Soft Blazing Glow of Fall.

2. Monochromatic Tones

Fall is the perfect time to transition from bright and dramatic summer-y eyeshadows into makeup looks with warmer and deeper tones. Monochromatic eyeshadows are perfect for this season, as they continue to embrace a dramatic flair while complimenting the warmer undertones of fall. Start with a neutral base by using our Eyes Open Eyeshadow in Monica over the entire eyelid, and gently blending a wing shape out and upwards from the eyelid. Next, apply Jono lightly in the crease, and blend naturally with Turtle applied underneath the brow bone. Finally, complete the look with a subtle eyeliner using an angle brush with our Brow Pomade in Medium Brown. A gorgeous, monochromatic makeup look to embrace the season of cozy sweaters and long walks in the park!

Model Wearing Organic Mineral Foundation with Monochromatic Neutral Eye Makeup for Fall 2021 Makeup Trends

3. Natural Brows

Natural Brows are making a comeback once again with an emphasis on enhancing your naturally beautiful brow shape and form. To achieve this look, simply brush your brows with a spoolie, and fill in the remaining spaces with our Brow Pomade and an angled brush. Add a light touch of glow on top of the brow bone with Skin LuminizerNatural brows pair perfectly with any makeup style, and are a must for a striking look on any fall occasion!

Indigenous Model Wearing Natural Eyebrows for Fall 2021 Makeup Trends

4. Subtle Smokey Eyeshadow

Soft smokey eyes make an infallible complement to your fall fashion. Whether you are walking down the busy city streets on a brisk fall evening out, or avoiding the cooling temperatures snuggling up by the fireplace in a cozy sweater, this soft, smokey eyeshadow is suitable for any occasion.

To create this look, start with our Skin Luminizer in Bronze to prime the base of your eyelid. Next, apply our Eyes Open Eyeshadow in shade Jono into the crease to add some depth to the eyeshadow, following with a gentle addition of Deep Dianne applied under the brow bone for a soft highlight. Line your eyes with a damp angled brush using shade Raven to enhance your natural eye shape, and finish off the look with a generous coat of our Maximum Intensity Mascara. Letting it dry in between layers, you'll be sure to obtain intense natural long lashes! Overall, a simple, gorgeous eyeshadow to reflect the soft ambience of autumn.

Black Model Wearing Natural Foundation with Soft, Subtle Smokey Eyeshadow for Fall 2021 Makeup Trends

5. Shimmering Lip Gloss

Plump, shimmery lips are an essential when it comes to creating a memorable, enchanting impression. One light coat of our Speak Volumes Lip Glosses has the ability to transform any casual makeup look into one that conveys elegance. Use a single layer of a shade like Rita, a muted merlot, over your nude lips, or Christine, a light peach, over your favorite lipstick. Turn up the shimmer by adding a touch of Skin Luminizer to your lips before applying gloss. An absolutely gorgeous look for fall, as all the lip gloss colors perfectly compliment the gorgeous hues around us!

Asian Model Wearing Neutral Eyeshadow with Natural Foundation and Glossy Y2K LipGloss for Fall 2021 Makeup Trends


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