Memories From the Makeup Trailer: Meeting Actress Margot Bingham Led to Creating Her Shade

The SAPPHO shade named for Margot Bingham is back in stock!

We are incredibly fortunate to not only showcase this gorgeous tone but also the amazingly beautiful and talented actor/singer for whom it was created. Margot, whose skin ranges from oily skin to combination, depending on weather and environmental conditions, is wearing her summer shade - no mixing needed! Many will attest, that is not always the case for many women, especially women of color.

 Super close up of Walking Dead actress Margot Bingham for SAPPHO natural eye makeup brand

How I Met Margot Bingham

I met Margot on a TV series pilot called "The Family" way back in 2016. It was a thriller of sorts, directed by Paul McGuigan, written/exec produced by Jenna Bans, executive produced by one of the most generous, smart woman in the biz, Laurie Zaks.

The pilot starred Joan Allen, Rupert Graves and Margot Bingham (among an ensemble cast).

Margot played the role of Nina Meyer, a police detective. It was picked up and filmed in NYC.

Margot struggled with acne growing up and so personal care, clean makeup and skin care became a priority for her. Margot is a vegan and very particular about what products she puts on her skin.  Her skin took to Sappho Essential Foundation immediately and well there is nothing better than being a MUA and your actor beaming after you have finished your work and then to be a brand owner to boot was a terrific experience. 

Margot and I connected on many levels.

There are sometimes in your life where you meet someone and well – they stick. 

Over the next few years, we met in NYC at Indie Beauty Expo, the opening of the Detox Market on Houston St – ate great vegan meals and talked about life, work, politics, love, and always, a Margot colour.

Margot grew up in Pittsburgh, started modelling young and attended Pittsburgh High School for the Creative and Performing Arts. Margot went on from "The Family" to star in "Boardwalk Empire", "She’s Gotta Have it", "The Walking Dead" and so many more – always bringing SAPPHO clean makeup to her sets. 

Margot actively supports social causes for the good of all, including CityHarvest, The Georges Malaika Foundation: fostering empowerment in the Congo, and numerous events supporting LGBTQ youth.

We were fortunate to have both Margot and her mom, the very successful and beautiful Lynne Bingham to sit for our first photoshoot with the actress. 

Margot Bingham Actress with Mother Lynne Bingham

Our first photoshoot with Margot

As we were preparing for the launch of our new packaging and our entry into Europe, Margot and her amazing mom, Lynne, flew to Vancouver for a SAPPHO photoshoot and a little personal self-care time. The photographers were Janine Egger (Berlin) and Kharen Hill (Van/LA). Paul Edwards did Margot’s hair and Rebekah Bak, her makeup. Margot and Lynne were here for 3 days so they spent some time touring and some time at the spa as well. We all went out for a fab Italian meal in Gastown on the Saturday night before the all-day shoot and well... it was a packed and super fun weekend.  

Throughout that time, Margot mixed her Sappho foundation – a little Sarita, with some Sarah and a touch of Pam, depending on the season.

Launching Margot's shade  

It took over 3 years but, in the fall of 2020, we launched our Margot shade. We had our formulator create 3 shades for Margot the summer before, and over the next year she tried the various tones. She ultimately chose the one she is wearing in our current videos and website photos: a perfect match for her summer skin tone.

At the same time as launching Margot, we also launched the color Norma – named and created for another good friend, celebrity makeup artist Norma Patton-Lowin, and they in turn, did an amazing masterclass together for SAPPHO's Youtube channel.

Norma  Patton Lowin Celebrity Makeup Artist for Hallie Berry

We have also edited the hour-long class into segments – packed full of wisdom, tips and tricks from both accomplished women.   

View the masterclass on Youtube

Another perfect match for Margot

In 2021, we produced Tawny, our latest Cream Concealer shade also created for Margot. It is a great clean alternative and, so we've been told, a NARS concealer dupe for their caramel tone. Both our creamy concealer and our foundations are PFAS free makeup.

SAPPHO creamy concealer in Tawny  made for Walking Dead Actress Margot Bingham

Shooting in summer for the fall/winter muse campaign

With a stroke of good fortune, Margot came to Vancouver on business the summer of 2022, and we were able to do a small, intimate, creative photoshoot with her and Vancouver photographer Liz Dungate. The shoot came together quickly and elegantly. 

The Margot Essential Foundation literally went on like a dream – Margot’s summer color (the one she finally landed on) lined up perfectly with her summer visit!

Shout out to the graduate designers from Blanche MacDonald whose clothes are featured in our latest fall/winter lookbook. 

View the new Muse Lookbook

Now in 2023, she closes the Margot Bingham Walking Dead chapter and begins another, travelling to Texas to star in a new exciting high profile project - more details to come.