Empowering Beauty Without Compromise : Support For PFAS/Organic Fluorine Testing

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  • Cruelty-Free & Vegan Certified by PETA

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STEM students test SAPPHO products for PFAS and find NON-Detect

At SAPPHO, we're on a mission to create a clean makeup line that's free from harmful PFAS chemicals.  We are a small company and our refusal to use various questionable ingredients has made it hard to attract the funds needed to create the new and luscious products we have been imaging for a long time. 

So we want to change all of that - starting now. 

We believe beauty should never come at the cost of health and we believe in transparency.  For us Clean beauty was imagined to save lives - if it's full of PFAS then ... it's not clean. 

We are fiercely independent -  we want this planet and all who inhabit it to live safely, including us, to be empowered with the knowledge needed to make the best choices for ourselves.

The  cosmetic 'business' is out to make as much money from customers as they can and they know the dangers of all the chemicals they use - even PFAS. They are selling toxic goods as 'clean' while they, hopefully,  scurry to try and fix their problems

But are they?  Have they ever done anything willingly that will affect their million dollar pay checks?  

There is little transparency and there was a lot of  damage done to small companies like ourselves who did not find out for at least a year AFTER  major players were told about organic fluorine testing.  Small female led companies  spent thousands and thousands  on product that is now testing high for organic fluorine. This money would have been spent developing safe products...and so if these 'business' people are really invested in a sustainable world are really invested in supporting female businesses .. why would this happen? 

So we are taking ourselves out of the rat race -  called it SAPPHOLAND haha but in all seriousness, we are going to continue to test, continue to report the numbers to you and continue to get better - with your help. 

We know neither  us and our line are  perfect  - for us it is  really about progress not perfection . It is our intention to create new, high performance and luscious products ( we have been researching ingredients in preparation for years) but now they also have to test as safe as possible for Organic fluorine .  IF we can get a leg up on testing we will be better able to get the further assistance needed to develop the line fully with new and exciting formulations. 

As a small team, we don't have the resources to conduct all the necessary testing on our own. We have for the last couple of years, been doing all we can but for the near future we just can't afford to do to the work we need to. We are applying for grants that will eventually help with this but that is eventually but it will take at least until January 2024 and until then time is ticking.   With your support, we can scientifically evaluate raw materials, packaging and formulations in a timely manner, to ensure they meet your high standards for safety and efficacy.

Beauty that answers to no one but you.

At SAPPHO, we believe that independence is essential to our mission of creating a clean makeup line that is free from harmful PFAS chemicals. We have seen that taking investment from outside sources can often compromise a company's values and ethics.  We have see clean beauty be co-opted by the same patriarchal systems and some retailers that created the mess that clean beauty was supposed to be the answer to. 

This is why we are committed to staying true to our vision and retaining our independence. With your support, we can continue to research and develop innovative, PFAS-free products that are good for you and the environment - without compromise. We don't have the team or bandwidth to do a go-fund me and so we have chosen to do this. Grateful for any sharing . 

Support Our Clean Beauty Revolution

By contributing to our PFAS-Free Beauty Research Fund, you'll be contributing to a project that has the potential to have significant impact on your life and for our environment.

All donators will be placed on our SAPPHO VIP  loyalty list automatically and will get all the perks ie first to hear about products, first offer to purchase as a VIP price etc. 

Donators of 100.00 will be automatically enlisted as a SAPPHO VIP in our loyalty program, be eligible for a draw to participate  in testing new and PFAS free prototypes over time as we develop more products  and receive square refillable compact as a gift.  

Donations larger than 100.00  will along with the previous tier's perk,  but also be put into a draw to have a product colour named for them. 

Each quarter we will send an update to Donators to let you know what we are testing - what the results were and where we are in any R/D for products testing Non-Detect< 10ppm.


Three organic cream concealer pots open in a BC forest on Douglas Fir wood

A new paradigm of beauty

In harmony with our world.

Our cosmetics are free of animal products and by-products, toxic synthetic chemicals, preservatives and fragrances, silicones, gluten, GMOs, mineral oil, talc and nanoparticles, with every product surpassing the expectations of clean beauty brands and a concrete focus on sustainability.



SAPPHO products are clean products I don't have to worry about using on my sensitive and aging skin. I highly recommend...

LaDeana A. P.

After a year of searching on the web for a clean, vegan, cruelty-free foundation that didn't leave my skin feeling sticky or dry, I came across this one and couldn't be happier with it! [...] So glad I finally found you!

Kimberly G.

I love this makeup. The coverage is perfect. It gives a very smooth but also natural finish. It is easy to apply and stays on all day.

Victoria F.