Your favorites got a makeover.


SAPPHO New Paradigm has always had rich luxurious formulations and our quest to rebrand was rooted in wanting  to honour those formulations with a make-over . Working for 2.5 years with designer Leopoldine Liechtenstein, our concepts and hard work have finally come to fruition as well as EU certification for our complexion products. It has been a labour of love, every step of the way.  


Our script reflects not only Sappho’s heritage of the ancient Greece but also emphasizes the strength that accompanies the perseverance of 2000 years of feminine artistry .The added graffiti is a nod to the revolutionary act of taking back power, making informed decisions and  buying green beauty.

“What is beautiful is good, who is good will soon be beautiful” Sappho c.600 BC                       


Our outside - Canadiana

We seek to visually reflect, honour and celebrate the natural beauty of our home - Canada, one of the most culturally and biodiverse countries in the world.

Using a deep anthracite grey, our primary branding colour signifies both strength and purpose reflecting a balance between the soft brooding tones of the foothills and the rugged stone of our Canadian Rockies and formidable Canadian shield.


The lyrical line speaks of both Sappho’s poetry and the artful way nature draws on stones.


SAPPHO Canadian makeup brand colour chart inspired by natural elements of Canada

We chose secondary colours to underscore not only cultural and natural attributes from coast to coast, but also to feature products that we give back to our community with.  

Partial proceeds from the sale of our Skin Luminizers go towards two creative programs serving urban youth in Vancouver.

Native Urban Youth Association's Overly Creative Minds Program and East Van Culture Crawl's Studio 101 program for placing urban youth in practicums with working artists.

The colors for these boxes were chosen by members of UNYA and reflect tones that we see in super natural BC and also ones various Indigenous peoples from the area adopt in their own ways.


Silky Setting Powder – using the color of cherry blossoms the familiar pink signifies our long standing commitment to the Breast Cancer Fund with partial proceeds from our setting powder going to women and men receive  financial aid when in need, due to breast cancer.


We also chose design elements that flow like streams, bubble like waves and delight like candy because we are after all, a colour cosmetic company!


 Environmental Considerations

Non - laminated paper 

No more acetate window for blushes and powders  

Conceived and made with love and working and learning to get greener . 

Open outer packaging boxes showing various Canadian nature inspired colours, joined together in the center

Kinda proud of this one... These tubes are PCR plastic treated with a pellet called biosphere that renders these tubes not only recyclable but if you miss the recycling bin, they biodegrade in a landfill 5-100x faster than traditional plastic. Also this plastic has been PFAS tested: <10ppm - undetected organic fluorine.