Mascara reviews

When working on formulating the Maximum Intensity Vegan Mascara, we did totally self-proclaim this was the best natural mascara we'd ever tried - and we tried lots.

We're glad, since launching it late 2016, so many people have agreed with us! Here's some of the feedback we've received #notsponsored over the last little while.


"I mean...have I mentioned how much I love the Sappho Vegan Black Mascara??? I'm notoriously difficult to impress when it comes to mascaras. I want a silicone brush. A formula that isn't too thick, nor too runny. I want to be smudge-free (which is a tall order in itself). Oh, and I want my lashes to be a mile long, jet-black, separated and lifted. Is that too much to ask for?

This mascara checks all my boxes, AND it stays put even after a tough spin sesh when I'm literally drenched in sweat."

- Lauren White, Blogger, USA @whollybeautiful


"The length is in no way inferior to my CAUTION MASCARA, the durability is really good! Even hours later, no panda eyes and no mascara fizzle above or below the eye. Even though I had used facial oils and sunscreen before. And in the evening it can simply be taken off with warm water. Plus point: The mascara is in a metal tube. [...] one of the best mascaras in natural cosmetics."

- Kathrin, Blogger, Germany


"The only clean mascara I can flick on the back of my lashes for length w/o smudges!" 

- Amanda Reade, Blogger, USA @abeautifulpursuit


"I LOVE the packaging - it comes in this really beautiful metal tube. I realize that’s entirely superficial but you’re paying for it and the little details go a long way in my opinion. The wand is a great length. It’s a highly pigmented formula and the brush does a good job of separating and lengthening lashes. The only thing I don’t love about the design of the brush is that instead of tapering down towards the end, it gets bigger which doesn’t allow for the most precise application at the corner of my eye."

- Valerie Piccitto, Nutritionist, USA @valeriepiccitto


"The Sappho formulation remained moist and highly pigmented throughout use and really added beautiful length"

- Melissa C., Blogger, USA @plantedinnature


"This is one of the most lengthening mascaras you can choose. the delicate wand separates and coats insanely well [...] and you can definitely take your time layering it. This is a very good lengthening mascara with a wand that is very comfortable to use. You get a very, very clean and neat application with this product. I can see many people who prefer a more natural look and length to volume loving this product, albeit it one of the pricier options. I also want to note that this mascara doesn't smudge on me, even after hours and hours of wear!"

- Vivian Safar, Blogger, USA @vsafaria


"I have professed my love for this mascara all over my social media since it came in the previous Beauty Heroes makeup discovery box. It gives you defined eyelashes for that ingenue, wide and bright-eyed look. You can also skip the eyelash curler with this one because one application gives an instant lift. It is also fairly resistant, not waterproof per se but it holds up pretty well."

- Liz, Ecoconscious Blogger, Luxembourg @lizthegreenspirit


"No smudges, perfect definition, doesn't clump yet gives me BIG & long lashes and still looks natural. Formula doesn't make my eyes watery or itchy. The brush has a perfect shape: applies product easily on each lash.  And it holds the curl, yay! Which for me makes it absolutely perfect mascara."

- Barbara, Blogger, USA @cleanbeautyblog