How to Apply

Apply with our eyeshadow brush. These deeply pigmented, high performing shadows glide on and blend imperceptibly to create most any illusion you can imagine: the ‘crème de la crème’ of natural eyeshadows.

Deeper eyeshadow colors can be used dry or wet, so they can double as eyeliners using SAPPHO’s angle or eyeliner brush. Pro tip: using organic, pure aloe gel instead of water keeps the liner intact for hours.

Quick  and easy natural eyeshadow looks:

  • For everyday: light lid, medium contour, lid color under brow, soft dry liner in brown or black.
  • Daytime smokey: Easy peasy using Chloe, one stroke over lid blending up into the crease and lots of mascara. Optional: use Raven wet as a liner.  
  • Night out smokey: Using Chloe, one stroke over lid blending up into the crease, add Raven wet as a liner and lots of mascara. Add dry Raven into the crease and blend up. Optional: for maximum drama, add Unabashed Blush in Luv the Cheeks into the crease and blend.