MUA Ramona DePinto Evelyn Affleck

Hair Paul Edwards

Makeup details:
Primer: Primer for oily skin 
Foundation: Rachel 
Concealer: light under eyes, medium for blemishes
Bronzer: Bronze Goddess over whole face ( just a touch) and as a contour
Blush: Emma’s Blush 
Highlighter: Medium Shimmer on top of cheeks, down nose
Brow Pomade: Medium Black
-Eye lid: Chloe and Merredy
- Eye  Chloe and Merrady mixed and blended up and out  with a tiny bit of Amanda to deepen
- Eyeliner: Top and bottom : Jono / Chloe/Merrady 
- Under brow: Turtle
Lip Gloss: Hazey
Mascara: Vegan Mascara 

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