Organic Skincare by ElaSpa

Sappho has joined forces online with ElaSpa - another female-led and owned Canadian company dedicated to bringing the best, cleanest and highest performing beauty products available on the market today. As both JoAnn and Noemie have used ElaSpa personally for years, we thought that we could not only service our customers better with this collaboration but we could also support another female entrepreneur. 

elaspa skincare line features proprietary formulations scientifically developed to deliver the highest visible results and to target all major skin conditions without causing inflammation or irritation to the skin.

Created using over 150 active ingredients, and utilizing advanced, laboratory tested methods, all products are rich in potent plant extracts to bring an invigorating boost to the skin along with an unparalleled results. 

elaspa complete line of face formulations that have been designed to be safe and effective without harmful preservatives and synthetic chemicals. Over 98% of ingredients are certified organic.

5 products

5 products