(PREORDER) Maximum Intensity Refillable Mascara
(PREORDER) Maximum Intensity Refillable Mascara
(PREORDER) Maximum Intensity Refillable Mascara
(PREORDER) Maximum Intensity Refillable Mascara
(PREORDER) Maximum Intensity Refillable Mascara
(PREORDER) Maximum Intensity Refillable Mascara
(PREORDER) Maximum Intensity Refillable Mascara
(PREORDER) Maximum Intensity Refillable Mascara
(PREORDER) Maximum Intensity Refillable Mascara

(PREORDER) Maximum Intensity Refillable Mascara

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  • Cruelty-Free & Vegan Certified by PETA
  • PFAS Tested: Undetected
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A new sustainable look for our beloved natural mascara.

Arriving June 2023, this revolutionary refillable clean mascara is two years in the making. Pre-order yours today to be among the first to receive it! Limited quantities made available during our pre-sale. 

A world first: packaging and formula tested inside and out <10ppm PFAS.

Our original formula remains unchanged: the mascara you know and love since 2016 is only swapping looks to become more sustainable. (But it is sold-out!)



How to use the refillable mascara system

A whole new look

Housed in a custom-designed durable metal tube, our bestselling Maximum Intensity Vegan Mascara now comes in a single-material plastic refill tube. Every few months, you can replace only the inner portion and keep using your metal casing, reducing waste.

No 'cleanwashing'

Testing as one of the cleanest mascaras in the world: verified for PFAS with undetected levels of organic fluorine, the gold standard of lab tests. And as always, vegan + cruelty free of course!

Limited pre-sale

Two options are available for pre-order: Full Mascara (Metal tube + Refill) and Refill Only. Since we are a small, indie company, we will be making a limited quantity of these to start: this is your chance to make 100% sure you get one first.


About the formula

SAPPHO’s gentle and kind natural mascara creates intensely black, luscious, long lashes that don’t smudge with a clean, vegan formula. It has a unique wand to separate each lash and is buildable from light to dramatic.

Immensely popular, this "happy" mascara may not be recommended for emotional events but is a perfect natural mascara for everyday use, providing all-day and evening wear that gently washes off with water.

Refillable + Recyclable

Designed with full life cycle in mind, SAPPHO is pushing the boundaries of traditional makeup packaging to ensure durability and recyclability, so we can all do better by our planet. This is one step closer to a less wasteful solution.

For now, mascara tubes can be recycled through specialized collection, like Pact Collective.

Clean + Cruelty-Free

A gentle natural mascara that washes off easily, without harmful chemicals hitting our water and eco systems. 100% vegan because it can be done without animal by-products, to get even better results.


Every inner component has been checked for your safety: the refill tube, wand and formula were all independently tested for PFAS ('forever chemicals') using the organic fluorine method. Our supplier didn't get it right the first time, so we kept pushing until 4 wands later, it came in at undetected levels <10 ppm.

Low waste vs. aesthetic

Whether you prefer simpler things or maybe working on your zero waste lifestyle, here's one simple suggestion: get only the refill! Yes, it's allowed, and it's even encouraged.

You'll get a small, simple, single material plastic tube that's lightweight and recyclable through Pact Collective.

An eye for design
For your love of beauty

The metal casing was imagined to marry function with form: minimalistic design aesthetic + protection + durability.

Built to truly last, when it finally reaches the end of its usable life, not being fused with plastic parts means our sleek aluminium mascara tube can be recycled.

Mascara Reviews


Great for sensitive eyes 

Great masacara, doesn't irritate my eyes. Love the brush! Makes it look really natural.

Melissa R.
May 26, 2022

Doesn’t flake and goes on smooth 

My favourite mascara ever. It doesn’t get dry and crumbly and the brush never gets clumpy after using it for a couple of months.

Daria K.
Oct 13, 2021

The perfect mascara for everyday wear!

The mascara goes on smoothly without any clumps in a few easy swipes. Layer it on for a fuller look. Love its lightweight feel and looks gorgeous on.

May 17, 2021

Great Mascara!

I have loved this mascara for years! I don't have to worry about harsh chemicals in its formulation and it comes off so easily. I have sensitive eyes and have never had any issues with it.

Lynn S.
Oct 30, 2021

Love this mascara

I am sold! It makes my lashes look longer and fuller and applies beautifully. I don’t usually wear waterproof mascara and sometimes I get raccoon eyes. I don’t think this is considered waterproof (according to another review) but this does not run under normal conditions! I will be a return customer of this mascara!

Tonia H.
May 24, 2021

Pre-order your refillable mascara today.