A Journey of Organic Fluorine/ PFAS Testing - the Development of Lip & Cheek Products:

"Disclaimer: This blog post reflects my interpretation, as the founder of a beauty brand without a scientific background, on the topic of organic fluorine and PFAS concerning our cosmetic business, up to the present date."

Creating a product that tests the lowest we can get for organic fluorine (testing for all 14000 PFAS  is a journey that sprung out of wanting consumers to know what was in their products - a journey that started as far back as  2008. 

The thing is.... we had no idea until about 3 years ago about PFAS - we were already fighting for our lives as a clean makeup company refusing to use dimethicone and silicones and putting everything in plastics similar to the larger  "clean" brands and it was only then, when we heard of these 'forever chemicals' that we started testing specifically for these toxicants.  You can read more about our journey going back in our blogs and why we are grateful for making the decisions we did.

But PFAS... they are like phthalates on crack!  And so we have dedicated ourselves to learning as much as possible and even this week started on our 2nd year of work with BCIT students, working on the development of standardized protocols for organic fluorine testing. 

We have learned and we want you also to be aware, that probably, given the ubiquitous of PFAS, our products will not always test Non-detect <10 ppm . Experts are telling us,  that a low threshold for the presence of organic fluorine is Detect 100 ppm, some experts say higher, others have a threshold of 20-30 ppm. This is because every batch will be slightly different and someone cleaning a piece of machinery one day using a PFAS laden cleaner could contaminate an entire order of an ingredient so it is still very difficult to pin point every batch. 

 As we don't have all the scientific data we need  we will always shoot for the lowest threshold of <10ppm and our intention is if the numbers are above the 20-30 we will publish. We are still very small so we don't have the capability of testing every product - every batch. Our intention is to test as we possibly can.   We are not scientists and we encourage you to do as much reading as possible and if we are mistaken or you have contrary information, we are more than happy to consider it.

We believe in transparency and we know that this is about discovery and progress - not perfection. And we will always bring you along on our journey, 

It took industry 80 years to pollute our world with these chemicals - it will take time and diligence to mitigate them. 

In the realm of lip and cheek products with the lips being the most delicate skin we have - the quest for PFAS -tested formulations isn't just a choice but the responsibility of clean beauty towards consumers.  

In a world where beauty meets health , the  journey toward PFAS tested lip and cheek products has been both long and expensive. 

We have gone through trial after trial of both formulations and colours - it has taken almost a year since we started.  I don't mean to paint a picture of us working every day for a year on this - one of the reasons it took so long is because we are so small, we lack the funding sufficient to take on this project like this in a faster manner. 

We have tested the products half way through and found one in particular to be a real issue (the one that included mica) and so we re-grouped and then tested individual ingredients and then put the final products through a second then 3rd  round of organic fluorine testing and finally a test for the colour Vanessa for the presence of fluorine and it came back non detect <2  ppm . All of this testing cost us time and money but as we go through  ingredients we have creating a plan for   testing for those ingredients we think are the offenders.  We will be launching our Amanda tone in June however our crystallized honey needs more testing and so as a small company - we test as we can.. so that spectacular color is going to take a tad longer. 

The road to achieving PFAS-tested non-detect formulations is paved with several key milestones, each representing a testament to our brand's dedication:

Research & Development Excellence:

Behind every safe and efficacious cosmetic lies extensive research and development. We have invested not only in testing for full formulas but also looking at individual ingredients and packaging components and this takes a long time. During  this journey we have  prioritized  scientific inquiry into alternative ingredients and formulations. For us it is about striking a delicate balance of  performance and safety and leveraging cutting-edge technology to test formulations to establish their safety level  in the face of PFAS. 

Rigorous Testing Protocols:

The quest for PFAS-tested products involves rigorous testing protocols. From raw material sourcing to finished product analysis, we have  subjected  our formulations to meticulous testing processes. This includes partnering with independent laboratories to ensure the absence of PFAS, reinforcing trust and credibility within the beauty community. It is an expensive venture, especially for this small company but we think it is worth it. 

Transparency and Consumer Education:

Transparent communication is the cornerstone of this journey. SAPPHO believes that clean beauty was imagined to save lives and we are  championing PFAS-tested products . Along with providing luscious PFAS tested   lip and cheek products, we  are committed to educating consumers about the significance of this milestone. By openly sharing , we hope to empower consumers to make informed choices about the products they use.

Sustainable Innovation:

The journey toward PFAS-tested formulations doesn't stop at safety—it extends to sustainability.  Packaging is a source of PFAS - plastics in particular can leech into formulas and the earth, once used  via tainted plastics and so we have tested our plastic tubes and they are all testing non-detect <10ppm  The new refillable recyclable compact for these lip products are a zinc alloy that will not leech. Our other products are in glass - a substance unlikely to contain PFAS. 

Setting Industry Standards:

By pioneering PFAS-tested cosmetics, SAPPHO is  catalyst for change in the beauty industry. Our commitment sets new benchmarks, encouraging other companies to prioritize safety, transparency, and innovation in their product development processes.

In conclusion, the road to PFAS-tested non-detect lip and cheek products represents a remarkable convergence of innovation, consumer safety, and ethical responsibility. It's a testament to our brand's unwavering dedication to redefining beauty standards while prioritizing the health and well-being of its consumers.

As consumers, embracing PFAS-tested cosmetics isn't merely a choice; it's an endorsement of brands that prioritize safety, integrity, and innovation. It's a collective step toward a beauty landscape where efficacy meets ethical responsibility—a journey worth celebrating and supporting.