Spring Summer 2020 Makeup Trends We're Naturally Getting Behind

Natural looking skin (hurray!), glossy lips, lived-in eye makeup, and more...

We sorted through Spring 2020 makeup trends and picked our favourites for our latest, pre-pandemic, beauty photoshoot. Shying away from bright neon eyeshadows and futuristic graphic lines for our video conference calls, here are the wearable makeup trends we will be rocking all spring and summer long, on and off camera. 

Our top 5 makeup trends for 2020's warmer seasons are reflective of the strange times we're facing. These are all about enhancing individual beauty, caring for ourselves inside and out, with easy to achieve makeup techniques for at-home applications.

1. Sheer makeup: lighter = better

Moving away from the ultra matte, opaque makeup formulas of former years, 2020 is a return to skin that looks natural and realistic.  No need for a pile of makeup when going for a bare skin look, instead keep your base airy by choosing a weightless formula that provides light coverage like our Essential Foundation, enhancing natural texture and freckles. You can also try mixing just a pump of foundation into your favourite lotion to create a tinted moisturizer, for even-toned skin that's barely covered. For a look that's glowing from within but not excessively shiny with highlighter, add a light amount of Medium Shimmer under your foundation as a complexion booster. Apply gently with fingertips at the high points of the face like cheekbones, brow bones, base of the forehead, down the bridge of the nose, finishing off with the tip of the nose, cupid's bow and little on the chin. This type of natural base makeup is especially good for phone or computer camera, for a fresh and glowing look during conference calls.

2. Glossy lips

In a wave of style trends emerging from the early 2000s, lip gloss is definitely making a comeback. Easy to use, gloss is an ideal product to pair with almost any look and to touch up on the go. Luckily, modern formulas, like our nourishing Lip Glosses, are not as sticky as the ones some might remember from back then! For an extra juicy lip look, dab a little clear balm or thick cream on top, like Egyptian Magic.

We used Hazey Dew (right), a classic light pink layered on generously, and Amy (left), a dark spiced peach applied with fingertips for a blurred lip line effect, to create these looks.

Two models wearing lip gloss

3. Lived-in makeup

This simple update to eye makeups is created by overflowing the eyeshadow application from the lid area to under the eye: a polished 'woke-up-like-this' sort of look, if you will. Bring your eyeliner and crease eyeshadow colors down under the eye into a soft blur, as seen here.

Lived in eye makeup look on mature model

4. Monochromatic makeup

This trend has been around for a while and we're glad to see it stay, because it is classic, beautiful and easy to achieve, even with minimal products at home. We love a good multi-tasker like lip gloss, for example, blended on the eyes, cheeks and lips for a subtle and easy monochromatic palette (below in Amy). Another good one is blush: blend a little of your cheek blush (like Natalie peach blush) into your eye makeup or simply give your eyelids a sweep with your blush brush while there's still a little left on it, over bare lids or over your eye makeup, and finish by choosing a similarly toned lip color. The idea, to create a monochromatic makeup look, is to match or keep to a similar color palette in all three areas: eyes, cheeks and lips.


5. Smokey cat-eye

The cat-eye eyeshadow look is a fresh and dramatic take on the classic cat-eye with eyeliner. This season, create a smokey cat-eye look with eyeshadow instead of wet liner, drawing everything slightly upwards towards the outer edges. Double down and create it using silver, gunmetal or charcoal tones to create a metallic smokey cat-eye: prime your lid with foundation or concealer so your eye makeup doesn't slide and top your eyeshadow application by tapping a little sparkly silver like Lux.

Model with smokey cat eye makeup

Bonus! 6. Glass skin

The perfect look for warm, summer nights, we can't wait to try this trend on for an evening. Chanel's Spring 2020 runway show (remember those?) had glossiness all-over its models' makeups: on their eyelids, on their lips AND on their skin.  There are a few different steps to achieving the 'glass skin' look, a clear glossy base with lots of sheen all-over the face: top the eye makeup, cheeks and lips with lip gloss and blend using clean fingertips; add this season's update to the glowing skin look, a brightly-lit effect, using opalescent or pearlescent highlighter like our Light Shimmer on the high points and corners of the eyes, also with fingertips; dab extra-nourishing skincare on top of the finished makeup, on the high points, eyelids and lips, using a damp makeup sponge. Voila!

Glass skin makeup look on dark skin model

Visit our LOOKBOOK page for a detailed product list of the models' looks from our photoshoot, all created using Sappho's organic makeup, of course.