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Makeup artist makeup trends Fall 2019

Fall 2019 Makeup Trends - the Natural Way

Fall 2019 Makeup Trends - the Natural Way

A flush of blush, bold liners, minimal meets max and everything in between.

Fall 2019 beauty trends are bold, smokey, colourful, soft and clean. A mix of words that don’t seem like they should go together but they do. The thing about makeup trends in 2019 is that anything really goes. Makeup has become more about art and acceptance, fun and personality. There are no real rules or guidelines anymore because it really comes down to personal style.

One style might work for some but not others, and that is totally cool. That’s the best part about makeup: it’s all relative. It’s about having fun, playing around and doing whatever it is that makes you feel your best. Even if in the end that means maybe no makeup at all.

These are our top five picks for go-to fall looks.

1. Blusher

Adding a bit of pink or peach blush on the cheeks gives a pop of freshness creating a healthy glow. 

A touch of pink or peach blush

2. Dewy Everything

Dewy, fresh, no-makeup makeup is always a classic, adding a creamy neutral gloss and some mascara and you’re set! Achieve glowing skin with a little shimmer dew, over or under your base, for a more or less apparent finish.

Dewy no makeup look with neutral lip
3. Splashes of Colour

A lot of mixed mediums, colourful eyeshadows, liners, mascaras, and lips all made big comebacks this fall and we are thrilled! We love seeing brighter more playful shades popping up everywhere, it adds a bit more excitement in our lives. These looks can be recreated using Tanya and Merrady eyeshadows, a bold royal blue and a gorgeous teal colour.

A pop of colour on the eyes for a bold look

4. Bronzed Goddess

We can’t resist mentioning this trend when we just happen to have the perfect bronzer with the perfect name ;)  Bronze Goddess. In all honesty, bronzer really is a staple for many of us. It helps keep that post-summer glow alive throughout the colder months. 

Bronze Goddess bronzer for glowing skin

5. Smokey Neutrals

We always love a reason for a good smokey eye and fall just seems like the right time to bring it back. As we move into the darker colder months, this beauty look matches our moods. With darker richer shadows on the eyes, we recommend keeping the rest of your complexion soft and minimal. Try deepening your eye looks using our darker products like dark navy Amanda, charcoal black Raven, matte dark brown Jono or satiny dark plum Gitte. Get a soft daytime smokey eye with versatile pewter/taupe Chloe

Smokey eyeshadows are the perfect fall look


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