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The essential foundations are based on the formula of an original foundation that JoAnn launched with Sappho Cosmetics over 10 years ago. Ten years ago it was a ground breaker, a light safe foundation that wore well and smelled amazing.

Things change.

We became aware that we needed to make some formula changes to keep up with the ever changing and evolving safety standards and went to work on formulations right away. In particular we were trying to swap out the original synthetic emulsifier and we produced many prototypes - with no success. The challenge of the essential line is that it uses essential oil tinctures and alcohol and to find a naturally based emulsifier to work with these elements was a challenge. It was a challenge worth taking on however as we have had so much success with women purporting to have problematic skin we had to make it work




At first we formulated with certified organic coconut oil however this proved to be a mistake. Many of our customers complained that coconut oil made them break out and so….. (Luckily we are a small responsive ship) – we went to work immediately and upped our certified organic aloe, certified organic jojoba and added a dash of shea butter for moisture and play and well…. It’s lovely!

It’s a light to medium coverage, smells amazing, is non-comdogenic and feels like nothing. It works well with problematic skin and it can be thinned with a bit of moisturizer.




As a makeup artist I loved the Sappho original foundations but I always felt there was a need for more coverage in the world of green beauty.

New Paradigm provides 10% more coverage than NP and also feels luxuriously moisturizing.

If you are a woman who loves the feel of moisture and can wear coconut oil, you will love this foundation. Made with certified organic jojoba, coconut oil and certified organic shea butter, this formula is alcohol free, moves with the skin and settles with a lovely soft glow. About 10-15% more coverage than the essentials this line is appropriate for the office, the catwalk and HD.



June 13, 2017 by JoAnn Fowler